Do you need a P60?

Do you need a P60?

Unless you have opted out of electronic communications you will not receive paper P60s or pay advices. Your electronic P60 will be available to you within ‘My Pension Online’ by 1 May 2020.

If you have already opted out of electronic communications, you will receive your P60 through the post by 29 May 2020.

Electronic pay advice's will be available online for all pension payments, while paper pay advice's will only be issued when there is a variance in net pay.

We are committed to electronic communications so that we can provide you with the most efficient service. 


You may never need a printed copy of your P60.

What is a P60?

A P60 is a statement which is issued to taxpayers each year. The P60 contains information about how much you have earned and how much tax you have paid (if applicable).

When do I need a P60?

You may never need a paper version of your P60 as often just having the figures will suffice. You may need information from your P60 in the following scenarios:

  • Filling in a self-assessment tax return
  • Applying for a mortgage or tax credits
  • Claiming a tax refund
  • Queries with HMRC

If you are registered for My Pension Online then you can view your P60 at any time, meaning that there is no need for printing and storing things manually. Your online account acts as a virtual filing cabinet for your P60s and pay slips. You will find the P60 under the Member Documents option once you are logged in.

If you wish to register now then please see the 'My Pension Login' page.

Accessing your P60 online - instructions